The Pedestals

Les Socles (The Pedestals) were exhibited in 1987 in Maison des Expositions de Genas in France.
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“Marche sur moi” (Walk on me)

“Marche sur moi” (Walk on me) is an installation designed for the cupola of the Municipal Museum in Arnhem. The installation is a floor of words and wall-mounted text plates, that enter into a dialogue with each other and with the receiver of the message.
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Galerie Tanya Rumpf, Exposition Miroirs Miroirs 1989
Installation Altuglas, ampoules et câbles électriques

Texts and light

In these years between 1988 and 1992 most of my works were based on texts, light, and shadows.
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La Scala

La Scala was designed for the theatre De Meerse in Hoofddorp. The work was named after the famous theatre in Milan. The origin of this work lies in language.
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Lux Europa

Lux Europa was an exhibition in Edinburgh of European artists who work with light. The curator’s choice of the medium light was based on two ideas.
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Teylersmuseum in Haarlem

The exhibition Nr. 36 Passage de Venus, expedition hollandaise pour Réunion was held in the Teylersmuseum in Haarlem, a museum generally known as a natural history museum. The museum is typified by a certain intimacy: to view the exhibits, curtains must be pushed aside and later closed again.
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