How To Do Art With Networks


How to Do Art With Networks
Thursday 26 November 2015 — 13:00 – 17:30
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Gym, Amsterdam
During a one-day-open market with workshops, lectures and performances, How to Do Art With Networks shows how networks are art.


Martine Neddam


Martine Neddam is a visual artist who has been working with internet virtual characters who lead an autonomous artistic existence in which the real author remains invisible.
Read more is an interactive website created in 1996 by a virtual person, a pseudonymous character, an Amsterdam based artist who calls herself Mouchette. With her innocent salutation and claims to be “nearly thirteen” greeting us from the introduction page, what initially appears as a personal website of a pre-pubescent female artist, evolves into darker themes in the subsequent pages. Read more emerged after Neddam had observed unexpected turns in the use of Whereas masquerades as an individual blog, its interactive narrative tools open up a site that extends beyond the me – you relation, to include a third party. Presenting itself as an individual portrait, the site is in reality a masque that users appropriate in order to communicate, and hence to present something about themselves.
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Turkmenbashi mon amour

Turkmenbashi Mon Amour is a filmic-composition of image, text and sound, which portrays the cult of personality built around the figure of Turkmenbashi in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. The piece is a response to a three-day visit by Neddam to Ashgabat during travels along the Silk Road.
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XiaoQian is the personal website of a young net artist who specializes in the creation of virtual personas and who lives in Kunming, a city in the South-East of China, in the province of Yunnan. The work is a docu-fiction account of what Neddam had experienced while in residency in Kunming.
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The Pedestals

Les Socles (The Pedestals) were exhibited in 1987 in Maison des Expositions de Genas in France.
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“Marche sur moi” (Walk on me)

“Marche sur moi” (Walk on me) is an installation designed for the cupola of the Municipal Museum in Arnhem. The installation is a floor of words and wall-mounted text plates, that enter into a dialogue with each other and with the receiver of the message.
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Galerie Tanya Rumpf, Exposition Miroirs Miroirs 1989
Installation Altuglas, ampoules et câbles électriques